2020 NEW! Super Juice

2020 NEW! Super Juice


2020 NEW! Colbinabbin Nebbiolo Super Juice                 

Super juice, super juice, it's super jauicy.

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    In the glass
    Watermelon, cucumber, mint and quinine aromatics are super inviting and refreshing. 
    Pithy, fleshy fruit. So much fruit. Pink lady, mandarin, little bits of yellow peach - crunchy, sweet carrot and a really yummy lactic kick. It's a hell good drink. Some dried herbs play around the edges with a subtle but persistent tannin. cool. 

    Colbinabbin is a town in the very northern of part of the Heathcote G.I. with a population of 297. 
    Colbinabbin is apparently an aboriginal word that translates to “The meeting of the black and red soils”, although I've not been able to verify this.
    The ridge where the vineyards are is home to extremely old, iron rich, very, very red soils. These soils are the attraction of the region from a grape growing point of view. 
    As you move down the hill onto the plains, the soils become more loamy black, and eventually the agriculture changes to grain farming and running of cattle and sheep. 

    This is entirely Nebbiolo from Willoughby Bridge vineyard farmed by Steve Travers, predominantly C block and smaller portion of A block. These blocks are on the dustier, more red soils.

    Being the first time fermenting this particular brain fart, there were a few different methods used to see which would work best. 
    The wine is blended from predominantly a short and cold maceration of C block Nebbiolo, along with some rosé from the same pick and some rosé from earlier A block pick. 
    The fruit was chilled, destemmed and sealed up in tank for one week. Ferment began very slowly during this time. This was then pressed to an open top tank where it was allowed to ferment vigorously with lots of oxygen before being racked to one old puncheon and one oldhogs head after ferment. 
    Barrels of rosé (some with really aggressive exposure to oxygen, others pristine) were blended to balance. No additions whatsoever.

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